REUTER TECHNOLOGIE is an innovative production and
service partner for high-precision vacuum-brazed assemblies
of copper and stainless steel.

REUTER TECHNOLOGIE develops, designs and manufactures high-precision brazed assemblies of copper
and stainless steel for cutting-edge technology applications. These include, for example, ion-beam and plasma sources, evaporators, cooling elements and waveguides.

Your contact right from the start
REUTER TECHNOLOGIE offers comprehensive manufacturing expertise in the fields of CNC manufacture, joining technologies and assembly methods at one location.

Saving time and cost
REUTER TECHNOLOGIE combines planning and design as well as manufacture and assembly under one roof.

Reliable quality
REUTER TECHNOLOGIE is DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been familiar with the manufacture of high-precision components for many



The cooling disc is part of a dilution cryostat in an accelerator. Water flows through the cooling disc interior as one of various high-efficiency heat exchangers. In addition to the design and manufacture of all components, the special challenge of this component was the assembly, solder application and vacuum-brazing of more than 100 components in
one single process step.


The vacuum-brazed copper / stainless steel structure of this sophisticated waveguide serves for the transfer of high energies. As the electric field strengths are extremely high at such power levels, geometrical irregularities may cause the destruction of the component. This is one of the reasons why a highly precise surface finish must be ensured during manufacture and vacuum-brazing.

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Precision in copper –  for tomorrow’s technologies!

Some of the most exciting scientific projects of our time require a very high accuracy and a precision that appeared unfeasible just a few years ago. In mechanical machining and joining technology, the requirements for tolerances and characteristics have increased to the limits of what is technically possible. The represented copper structures of sophisticated waveguides are intended to transfer very high energies in particle accelerators. As the electrical field strengths are extremely high at such power levels, deviations within the waveguide structures might lead to increased field intensities and, with this, to flashovers and ultimately to the destruction of the component. Therefore, an extremely precise execution of the freeform surfaces and surface finishes has to be ensured during manufacture and vacuum brazing.


Roughness depth up to 25 nm without any post-machining!

The shape tolerances for freeform surfaces of 0.02 mm in combination with a mean roughness depth Ra of 0.1
0,1 µm (partly up to 25 nm) are required to meet the requirements of radio frequency and beam dynamics. No deviations are permitted.

In most cases, this precision must be achieved directly on the processing machine, without the possibility of manual reworking such as grinding, lapping or polishing. This also applies to those joining technologies that likewise have to meet extraordinarily high requirements. The brazing alloy applied on single components (gold alloy) must be so exact that no brazing alloy protrusion is possible after brazing. Otherwise, the waveguide structure is damaged and the component becomes unusable.

During and after manufacture, the generated dimensions are verified with the aid of a 3D measuring machine and in a roughness measurement and documented in detail.



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Sales & Technical Consulting

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Sales & Technical Consulting


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REUTER TECHNOLOGIE acts as a competent complete-solution provider. We develop and manufacture individual precision components for high-tech applications. Our customers are from the fields of science, research and industry.


Development & 3D Design

REUTER TECHNOLOGIE regularly invests in its own development and design department. Our development engineers use e.g. Catia, SolidWorks and Creo for their design work and optimize our components by means of FEM analyses.

Materials Technology Expertise

REUTER TECHNOLOGIE joins materials such as copper and stainless steel, also in combination with other materials, producing complex assemblies for heat transfer applications.

Innovative Joining Technologies

REUTER TECHNOLOGIE has over 20 years of experience in innovative joining technologies. These include vacuum-brazing, TIG welding, laser welding and, in cooperation, electron-beam welding. Furthermore, we use joining technologies such as diffusion bonding or shrinking.

High precision materials processing

REUTER TECHNOLOGIE supplies tailor-made assemblies in utmost precision. We process metals using 5-axis milling machines and CNC-lathes, treat surfaces in various processes, provide laser markings and carry out electro-mechanic assembly.

Quality & Service

REUTER TECHNOLOGIE exclusively delivers tested quality. We examine components e.g. by helium leak testing, quantitative residual gas analysis, permeability measurement, 3D measurement, cleanroom assembly and particle measurement.